Castle Theme Bedrooms - Fairy Tale Princess Theme Decorating ideas - Girls Castle Bedrooms, princess theme bedroom decorating ideas - castle wallpaper mural
Castle Theme Bedrooms - princess castle decor - Fairy Tale Princess Theme Decorating ideas - Girls Castle Bedrooms - princess castle mural - castle wall mural
castle theme bedroom ideas - fairy tale castle beds girls princess bedroom decorating ideas  - fairy princess castle theme bedroom decorating ideas - fairy tale girls theme rooms - princess bedroom mural stick ups - medieval knights and dragons - boys gothic wizards theme bedrooms castle beds girls princess bedroom decorating ideas princess castle theme bedroom decorating ideas fairy tale girls theme rooms princess bedrooms

Add more splash to your painted murals ......

Cut out felt  and hot glue to the walls.

Use craft puff glitter paints to add depth and sparkle to your castle

Use felt for the flags

Splash gold star stickers around the castle

princess castle wall accent mural - for the princess theme bedroom. castle wallpaper mural

Accent your castle walls with faux  jewels

If you don't have the confidence to paint  stone
effect walls, hang stone themed wallpaper.
Instead of full wall murals, you can accent with
accent mural stickups.

For a fancy headboard, attach a castle mural stickup, and hang curtains.
Decorate your Princess Castle
Castle themed murals - stone block wallpaper  -
Princess theme decor
Castle Theme Beds and novelty Castle themed decor
A beautiful reproduction of original artwork by Children's artist Sherri Blum. Instant Murals now come in removable peel and stick vinyl. We have taken our concept of creating highly detailed artwork to create the look of hand painted murals and made it better. Our new high quality vinyl is easy to apply, remove and reuse. Simply peel it off the backing sheet, apply to your clean, dry surface and your done. Since the designs are individually cut out, you get to create a truly unique mural that fits your space instead of the one size fits all with normal wall murals. Our designs are made with ultra removable adhesive, so you they will not leave any residue or damage to your walls when you decide to change the decor. When you want to change things up, simply remove from the walls and replace on the original backing sheet.
PRINCESS CASTLE SELF STICK MINI MURAL - fun wall decoration for the princess bedroom
variety of Castle murals at murals your way
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Transform a whole room into a fairy tale garden in minutes and bring a room to life, with these easy peel and stick room decorations. Each wall sticker kit contains 4 HUGE sheets filled with oversize, vinyl decals. Peel and position each removable decal wherever you like to create your own fantastic themed room. Thanks to a unique adhesive, the images can be moved from place to place without damaging walls or furniture. So, when you are ready for a new look, just peel off stickers and refresh with a new FunToSee theme. Ideal for home, school, creche, hospital, kidsí clubs and more. The kit includes 66 princess themed room decals, including - Princess Sweetheart (16"), Cupcake Castle (21.6"), Unicorn and Carriage (up to 21" ), Apple and Blossom Trees (up to 22.5"), Apple Tree Branches (23.6"), Rainbow and Sun (25"), 12 Heart-shaped Raindrops (1.2"), Frog on a Lily Pad (10.2"), 4 Patterned Flowers (10.4"), 5 Flower Clusters and 2 Shrubs (up to 7.3"), 3 Butterflies and 2 Dragonflies (up to 4"), 6 Topiary Trees (10.6"), Flower Vine (18.8") and Scene Setters - 6 Princess Bows, 3 Toadstools, 3 Fluffy Clouds, 2 Bees, 3 Birds and 6 Love Hearts. All this in a lovely presentation box with carry handle.
castle mural-princess bedrooms castle theme decorating ideas.
Little princesses will wake to a royal treat with this pretty castle-shaped Alarm Clock Radio
Fit for royalty, this twin bed features a headboard with twin towers and a scenic "view outside the castle" and "window sills" perfect for alarm clock, books and more. Every girl's room needs a little Disney magic! This charming princess castle wall decal is the perfect choice for your own little princess. The decal can be repositioned at any time, and will never leave behind any sticky residue if removed. The castle also features beautiful glitter elements, for a real sparkle that you will be sure to adore! For more magic on your walls, be sure to check out our giant Disney Princess wall decals! castle wallpaper mural
Castle murals at murals your way-fairytale style bedding fairytale princess bedrooms. castle wallpaper mural
Enchanted Kingdom Castle, Carriage, and Bridge Mural. An Enchanted Kingdom awaits her Royal Majesty! This beautifully detailed mural will delight your child and will bring an Enchanted Kingdom into her room and imagination. CASTLE STONE WALL MURAL - princess castle bedroom decorating with castle murals. girls princess bedding - girls castle theme. Princess Full Queen Quilt Set - pretty bedding for the princess bed in the fantasy themed bedroom fit for the princess. castle wallpaper mural
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PRINCESS CASTLE CANOPY wallpaper mural-princess bedrooms, castle wallpaper mural
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Fairytale Castle Canopy Wall Mural. For Her Royal Highness! Presenting a land far far away - A lovely canopy opens to a magical Castle kingdom. PRINCESS CASTLE CANOPY wallpaper mural decorating ideas castle bedrooms
CASTLE WINDOW  MURAL - princess castle bedroom decorating with castle murals. of Enchanted Castles and unicorns! This amazing enchanted castle window will truly delight and bring any room to life. Creates the illusion of a window.  castle wallpaper mural
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enchanted and magical place awaits you...This beautifully detailed Castles Dream Mural will bring a wonderful imaginary look to your room's decor. The coloration of this mural is unique and "dreamy". Castles Dream Mural is available in two sizes Chair Rail or Full Size. castle wallpaper mural
Your little princess will sleep happily ever after with this colorful bedding set. Twin set includes a washable cotton velvet quilt in pink or purple, three-tiered sheer bed skirt, one white chiffon ruffle Euro sham (26" x 26") and one princess standard sham (20" x 26").
Little Princess mural
at murals your way
atch a glimpse of a magical fantasy world through the royal draperies of this stunning 8 feet high by 8 feet 8 inches wide CASTLE CANOPY & STONE WALL Wallpaper Mural. Hung over her bed, it's sure to give any little princess sweet dreams! castle wallpaper mural
Regent's Crown Hooks, Did the servants misplace your crown again? With our set of four wall hooks, your crowns will always be at your fingertips! Handcrafted of porcelain and wrought iron, they are the royally right way to stay organized.
Royal Princess Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set
Few more decorating ideas to embellish the  painted castle walls:
castle wall murals murals your way castle theme bedrooms
variety of Castle murals at murals your way
Our Princess Castle Toddler Bed helps make the transition from a crib to a regular bed as easy as possible. Young girls will love being tucked in at night and dreaming of knights, magic and beautiful princesses.
Levels of Discovery Princess Revolving Bookcase
Stone wallpaper
easiest and most fun way to restyle a room. Create a magical kingdom for your special princess with this Castle Sudden Shadows peel and stick wall mural complete with "Princess" wording. Castle Sudden Shadows Mural Sudden Shadows Murals: Children's Bedroom
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Disney Princess Magical Light-Up Storyteller Alarm Clock
Princess Scroll Castle Chair Rail Prepasted Mural
Princess Castle & Carriage Pink Horses Fairytale Wall Mural Kids Photo Wallpaper