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Carousel Animals Cut & Use Stencils
46 Full-Size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper. An exciting menagerie of popular carousel animals, including prancing horses, a camel, a leaping reindeer and a preening lion - perfect to decorate children’s rooms and furnishings, or to create quilt designs, appliqued wall hangings and other accessories.

Carousel Animals Coloring Book
Magnificent stallions and prancing ponies, lions, tigers, zebras, and camels, sea monsters, dragons, many more. A treat for merry-go-round fans, nostalgia lovers, and youngsters. Project the art onto the wall and create your own murals.

Bring the outdoors in, paint clouds  on the ceiling, create a fun flower garden  park setting.

Decorate walls  with with
carousel theme murals, or carousel wall decals.

Create a fun and unique Carousel theme for your baby girl, or a fun circus theme for your baby boy.

carousel and circus theme work for toddlers playrooms and especially for
kids sharing their bedroom space.

Have fun with this theme and design a real fantasy escape for both you and your child.

Few ideas to help your get started on your decorating project:

Add to the carnival atmosphere and bring the big top inside, and create a ceiling tent

Accent the carousel theme with fun and unique themed furnishings

Lots of cute plush animals  scattered around the room
Embellish furniture and fabric with fun decorative carousel themed stencils.
variety of
Carousel horse wall murals

Carousel Bedroom decorating ideas
Two Merry-go-round Horses wall mural decal stickers
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Merry go round wall mural   at magic murals
Carousel Bedroom decorating ideas
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